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The Holistic Tea

A new 6-part series produced with the Husson University Wellness Center where they talk in real ways about wellness and meeting all 8 dimensions of wellness including mental, physical, spiritual, environmental, social, financial, intellectual, & occupational wellness.

Hosted by Nichole Proulx, LMFT lead counselor at the Husson University Wellness Center.

Each episode will be added after the airdate for on-demand listening.

Episode 1: Wellness & Wellbeing – March 19th, 2023

Photo of Abby Cronkite

In the first episode of the Holistic Tea, Nichole Proulx is joined by Family Nurse Practitioner Abby Cronkite MSN, FNP-C to talk about the 8 dimensions of wellness, and wellness & wellbeing.

The Holistic Tea Episode 1: Wellness & Wellbeing

Episode 2: Identity Development – March 26th, 2023

Photo of Rebecca Edelman

Rebecca Edelman, PhD, NCC, professor of counseling and human relations at Husson University joins host Nichole Proulx to talk about identity development and exploration of self.

The Holistic Tea Episode 2: Identity Development

Episode 3: Relationships – April 2nd, 2023

We all build, maintain, and leave relationships. In episode 3 of the Holistic Tea Nichole Proulx talks with psychotherapist Janice Gillen, LMSW-CC about relationships.

The Holistic Tea Episode 3: Relationships

Episode 4: Trauma – April 9th, 2023

photo of Jim LaPierre

Jim LaPierre LCSW, owner of Higher Ground Services joins Nichole Proulx for a conversation about trauma and its effects.

The Holistic Tea Episode 4: Trauma

Episode 5: Self Care – April 16th, 2023

Photo of Deborah Drew

Self care is a vital part of our mental health. Episode 5 finds Nichole Proulx talking with Certified School Counselor Deborah Drew, EdD, LCPC about the little ways we can all find more self care in our lives.

The Holistic Tea Episode 5: Self Care

Episode 6: Vicarious Trauma – April 23th, 2023

Photo of Sarah Fucillo

The Holistic Tea season 1 wraps with a discussion between Nichole Proulx and Dr. Sarah Fucillo on vicarious trauma.

The Holistic Tea Episode 6: Vicarious Trauma