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Ice Nine Kills & Reel Big Fish Team Up To Cover 80s Classic For American Psycho Comic Series

Like chocolate and peanut butter, Ice Nine Kills and Reel Big Fish are apparently two great tastes that taste great together. The unlikely team up came about for a cover of the Katrina and the Waves his Walking On Sunshine that’s included on a soundtrack for Sumerian’s American Psycho comic series.

“It’s no secret to INK fans that ska punk and horror movies are what pumps through my bloodstream,” INK vocalist Spencer Charnas. “When the opportunity arose to combine one of my favorite films with one of my favorites bands of all time, I didn’t just jump at the chance, I skanked over to my nail gun, axe and chainsaw and bludgeoned out my favorite cover we’ve ever done.”

Ice Nine Kills continues their Kiss of Death tour with In This Moment this summer. The tour stopped in Bangor’s Cross Insurance Center November 25th, 2023.