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San Gabriel Moves On With A Kaleidoscopic Look With “Life In The Past Lane”

San Gabriel has released the brand new single Life In The Past Lane, a bedroom pop chance for the Austin-based artist to look back while confidently moving forward.

“The song is really about moving on, like seeing things from the rear view mirror. In fact, I guess most of my songs are about that, transitioning, changes, and moving through life. At the time I wrote this, I was working in a liquor store trying to grapple with quitting my then-band (Whiskey Shivers), and the uncertainty and change that would bring to my life as a person, and as a musician. Ultimately, it’s a little kaleidoscopic look into the past. A way for me to write it out and leave it there without being consumed by it.”

Learn more about San Gabriel at sangabrielmusic.com