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Guster Finds Positivity Amidst The Chaos With New Single “Keep Going”

Musicians can find inspiration in a lot of different things, even in the end of the world. Guitarist/vocalist Ryan Miller says the songs on their new album Ooh La La “were written against the backdrop of what felt like an apocalypse. It was such a transformative time, and we were dealing with a lot of existential questions about what it means to be a father, a husband, a creative person in the midst of all the chaos.”

Ooh La La will be the band’s first new album in 5 years and today they shared two of the new songs; Keep Going and All Day.

“One thing we’ve continually done as a band is acknowledge what’s going on in our world but still bring some positivity to the music,” says guitarist/vocalist Adam Gardner. “We’re always going to be real about what’s happening, but we still want to leave people with a feeling of hope.”

Guster will set out on their We Also Have Eras Tour March 7th in Austin, TX and will return to Maine for their annual On The Ocean festival August 11th. The fans they see at shows like these are part of what keeps the band going all these years. “One of the main reasons we’re still a band is the fans who’ve come to see us for years,” adds Miller, “the people who show us the tattoos they’ve gotten with our lyrics. It inspires us to stay creative and stay fearless, instead of just making the same record over and over. Everything we do is in service of that connection, and at this point I’d say we’re definitely lifers“.

Ooh La La will be released May 17th via Ocho Mule.

Guster Ooh La La album artwork. Flamingos with pink clouds overhead.