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Girl And Girl Dial It Up With New Single “Hello”

WHSN listeners were first introduced to Girl And Girl last summer with their infectious track Dance Now. Today the band made up of vocalist Kai James, his aunt Liss on drums, Jayden Williams on guitar, and Fraser Bell on bass announced a new album, Call A Doctor, and shared the first single Hello.

With jerking guitars and bass that bring to mind the Dead Milkmen, the new single is based on finding comfort in your own miserable thoughts. “‘Hello’ is the story of a young man who requires daily consults with health professionals in order to rationalize his self-destructive thoughts and routines.” says Kai James. “It’s about romanticizing your own misery. Letting those deep, dark, dirty thoughts take over. Understanding that even if you could pull yourself out, you wouldn’t because the constant stress and worry are all too familiar and comfortable.”

Girl And Girl will tour the US in April and May with Royel Otis. Sadly there are no New England dates for the tour at the moment with their closes shows being New York City and Philadephia. Their new album Call A Doctor will be released May 24th via Sub Pop.