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Paris Paloma Uses Music To Process Trauma & Choas With “My Mind (Now)”

With My Mind (Now), her first new song of 2024, UK-based artist Paris Paloma uses music and lyrics to lay bare past trauma and how it can rewire the mind.

“My Mind (Now) is about the BC and the AD of trauma, and what it did to my mental state, the feeling that an event was so cataclysmic that it rearranged the chemical makeup of my mind.” says Paloma. “The song is a reflection of my struggle with OCD and anxiety as a response to traumatic events, and the electrical storm of emotions that exists inside my head, filling it with noise that never seems to leave, as I search for a few seconds of respite and quiet from it.”

With lyrics like And I was strawberry picking. You were gathering ammunition to use, Paloma shares the song is also “about the power other people hold to set that trauma into motion, and both the fragility and strength of the human mind.

Paloma will be touring Europe throughout February. Fans can find My Mind (Now) by Paris Paloma on all major streaming platforms.