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Teens In Trouble Want To Know The Songs That Make Up Your Life With New Song “Playlist”

Music has always been a great way to get to know someone. As far back as the late 1900s people would make what were called “mix tapes” to share the songs that held certain meanings. Teens In Trouble continue that tradition with the new song Playlist. The song suggests that a love interest make a playlist that tells the story of their life. What song makes them cry? What song makes them dance? What song makes them think about their ex?

“It’s awesome how different songs can mean something to different people at different points in their lives,” says Teens In Trouble’s Lizzie Killian. “I love putting together playlists to fit a mood or bookmark a time and place in my life, and I love when friends share playlists with me. It feels like a window into their life.”

The video for Playlist features Killian along with musical friends including Randy Moore, Henry Chadwick, Mike Huguenor, Mike Park, Sim Castro, Lucy Giles, Jaake Margo, & more.

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