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Aaron Lee Tasjan Releases 80’s-Tinged Video To Accompany New Single “Horror Of It All”

Ahead of his new album Stellar Evolution, set for release April 12th via Blue Élan, Nashville artist Aaron Lee Tasjan has released the new single Horror Of It All.

“When I think of what scares me the most about ‘being myself,’ is that I’ll get rejected for it. This song examines the concepts of both rejection and self-acceptance through metaphors of childhood playground heartbreak and the dramatic nature of the teenage experience.” Tasjan says. “The story is being told through the eyes of a young queer person. I wanted to use experiences from childhood in the song because I feel like those heartaches are the ones that are truly everlasting. In life, we have to deal with and learn from the heartbreaks of our youth. Those lessons stay with us because the pain of the experience can be processed but the memory of it happening always remains.”

The video for Horror Of It All (directed by Curtis Wayne Millard) pays homage to the 1985 film Teen Wolf with him wolfing out in grainy-VHS-glory as he plays in a wood-paneled room.

When it comes to the overall themes of the new LP, Tasjan says “The record became a sort of rallying cry for being who you are in a time when people literally wanna try to make it illegal to do that,” says Tasjan, “ I felt like it was really important to let people know that they’re not alone, that we’re all in this fight together and that we see each other, and that we’re gonna do what this community always does, which is come together and have each other’s backs.”

Tasjan’s spring tour starts April 18th through May 21st with a New England stop in Boston’s Middle East Upstairs April 23rd.

To learn more, visit Aaron Lee Tasjan at aaronleetasjan.com