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Get To Know Drums & Sax Duo O. With Their New EP “Slice”

Drummer Tash Keary and baritone saxophonist Joseph Henwood started playing music together in London during lockdown. The duo started playing without a plan, just wanting to see what happened organically. Now, that jamming has lead to the release of their new EP Slice via Speedy Wunderground/[PIAS]

Joseph Henwood (holding slice of blue cake) and Tash Keary against white background.

The EP includes the previously released singles ATM and the title track Slice, as well as the track Grouchy which can be heard on Bangor’s Alternative. “We played loads of gigs before we ever got in the studio, so we had lots of tracks to choose from” says Keary. “We picked these four because they’re all quite different from one another, while showing off all the styles we like to play.

The music comes with a sense of controlled chaos. Tash adds “People have come to see us and said they’ve enjoyed the fact it feels about two centimetres from falling apart. With two instruments, you have to push yourself, physically, right to the edge to keep it interesting. But we enjoy that challenge.

order/save Slice from O. here