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Weakened Friends Release New Single “Awkward”

Weakened Friends is a band that doesn’t sit still for very long. The Maine-based trio is constantly touring, just wrapping up a 3 month run across the US and a west coast tour supporting Slothrust already set for early 2024. Today the band released their latest single; Awkward.

“All the songs I’ve ever written are really depressing” says vocalist/guitarist Sonia Sturino. “Awkward was my attempt at writing a song about something joyful. I don’t know if I really nailed it, since it’s still filled with the ol’ self doubt narrative, but I’d like to think this song is more on the positive side. Awkward really pinpoints the feeling you get when everything is just new and exciting. I wanted to dive into the feeling of having a big practically life altering crush, where you’re equal parts excited,embarrassed and terrified. As someone who identifies as queer, I think it’s important to also share the happier, more joyful experiences regarding love and relationships, it’s not always dread, doom and gloom, and Awkward is a testament to that!

Awkward by Weakened Friends is out now via Don Giovanni.