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Aesop Rock’s “Mindful Solutionism”; An Encyclopedia Of Technoloy With A Stark Reminder Of What Man Can Do.

Aesop Rock has announced a 9th solo album, Integrated Tech Solutions, which will be released November 10th via Rhymesayers. To coincide with the announcement, he’s shared the first track; Mindful Solutionism.

With an animated video by Justin “Coro” Kaufman that feels like a modern School House Rock, the track runs the gamut of technological history with s stark reminder of mankind’s penchant for tech with the line We cannot be trusted with the stuff that we come up with. The machinery could eat us. WE JUST REALLY LOVE OUR BUTTONS!

Fans can learn more about Integrated Tech Solutions and preorder the album at Aesop Rock’s website.

Aesop Rock standing on city street.
Photo of Aesop Rock by Ben Colen.