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David Kushner Builds To A Crescendo With New Single “Daylight”

Chicago-born now Los Angeles-based artist David Kushner tackles the idea of wanting something that hurts you with the new single Daylight.

In talking about the inspiration for the track, Kushner says “With my song ‘Daylight,’ I aim to convey the paradoxical desire for something that is simultaneously harmful to oneself, using elements of light and darkness. The lyrics ‘Oh I love it and I hate it at the same time you and I drink the poison from the same vine’ encapsulate this concept.”

The music video for Daylight (created by Altar8 Studio and directed by Luke Shaw and Landon Juern) starts with Kushner splitting firewood in the forest and builds to an intensity, with powerful images like the artist shaking hands with fire, only to be engulfed in the same flames.

Kushner has live dates in the UK this month with a US run of dates set to be announced soon.