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Sink Into The Inevitable Doom With Mediocre’s New Single “To Know You’re Screwed Is To Know A Lot”

Piper Torrison and Keely Martin, the queer rock duo known as Mediocre has released the title track from their upcoming debut EP on Dangerbird Records, To Know You’re Screwed Is To Know A Lot.

Pulling inspiration from the classic Spike Jonze directed video for Beastie Boys’ Sabotage, the video for TKYSITKAL has the duo running through Boston until one of them meets their fate.

The band describes all 5 songs on the EP (not just the title track) as as “modes of screwedness,” where they take on the different relationships everyone is dealing with during the media-saturated 2020s. “We just wanted to tap into the idea of knowing you’re screwed, and leaning into that existential doom, this inevitable doom,” says Torrison. “It’s individual to each person, but that also feels universal in some way.” 

To Know You’re Screwed EP tracklist

  1. To Know You’re Screwed is to Know a Lot
  2. Pop Song Baby
  3. Wash the Paint
  4. Tiny Toad
  5. Together Together

To Know You’re Screwed will be released April 7th via Dangerbird Records. Fans can presave/preorder the EP here.