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Daisy The Great Go Back To High School In Video For New Single “Liar”

Daisy The Great’s latest is the single Liar which comes with an accompanying video following a day of high school where students are recording videos for a time capsule.

It features a ton of our friends, our guitarist Nardo doing some tricks on his rollerblades, Kelley having a mystery crush, and us digging a pretty shallow hole.” says DTG’s Mina Walker. “The video was inspired by SLC Punk, Freaks & Geeks, and the Battle of the bands scene in Freaky Friday.

The song itself was born from a run-on sentence written on a phone by DTG’s Kelley Nicole Dugan.

I wrote ‘Liar’ about four years ago after hanging out with a friend that I had a really close but confusing relationship with. It’s about having a crush on a friend but being too scared to address the tension out loud, and how holding on to a secret like that really eats you up inside. I remember writing it all down as a big jumble of feeling frustrated, self-conscious, disingenuous, and ready to move on. We hope the song can give you guts when you need some, whether that means being vulnerable or letting go.

Liar is the latest single to be released from the band’s upcoming album All You Need Is Time (out October 28th via S-Curve/Hollywood Records. It joins previously released track Aluminum, Easy, Glitter, and Cry In The Mirror.

Daisy The Great will play Paradise Rock in Boston December 16th.