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Get To Know Kansas City’s pure xtc & Her New Song; “Shadow”

Taylor Hughes is a queer multi-instrumentalist out of Kansas City who writes and performs under the name pure xtc and her newest single, Shadow, was written about the anxieties of an unknown future.

“When you’re so antisocial the only confrontation you have is internal, that’s ‘shadow’ in a nutshell,”
says pure xtc. “The song is dedicated to my wishy-washy internal dialogue. I feel like I’m in a constant state of overthinking situations – past and current, playing out different scenarios in my head until I feel like I could explode. This is the main character theme song for any over-thinker.”

pure xtc is touring this summer including a set at Boulevardia festival alongside artists like Jenny Lewis, Dashboard Confessional, Daisy The Great, and Dayglow. An EP, Shed My Skin, is planned for a September release.