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All Roads Music Festival Mile Marker: Bensbeendead

All Roads Music Festival is returning to Belfast’s historic downtown and waterfront May 20th & 21st. Over 2 days and 5 stages, the festival’s lineup will include over 25 artists and bands. In the coming weeks leading up to this year’s festival, we want to introduce you to some of the performers.

First up is Bensbeendead. The Portland area electronic pop artist will be making his first trek to All Roads but he’s looking forward to it. “This is my first All Roads fest both attending and playing!” he said, talking with WHSN. “Regardless, I’m very excited to be a part of it. I’ve heard nothing but great things from all of my friends who have been or played in the past. I’m excited to play some new & old music for a new audience.

For those unfamiliar with his music, Bensbeendead describes it as having roots in both Pop & Hip-Hop with influences from Folk and Electronica. He adds “It’s definitely left of center but I pride myself on creating earworms that will have you singing along long after you first see me perform.

His latest single WAYS, is the result of experimenting with some different styles of music he hadn’t yet played in, including Drum & Bass, and find the bpm faster than a lot of his earlier work.

Fans of Spose may recall seeing Bensbeendead included in the tracklisting for the Maine rappers latest double album Get Rich Or Die Ryan, being featured on of the track and he’s also worked with B. Aull and other Maine artists. The collaboration process is something he really enjoys. “I love working with other artists because I get to see how someone else would approach a song from the very beginning steps all the way to the final mix, which is usually far different from how I would do it. Often times I can get locked into my own methods when working alone for a long period, but collaborating definitely opens my eyes to the other ways that songs can be made.

You can catch Bensbeendead performing at 4pm on the Church Stage Saturday May 21st as part of All Roads Music Festival.

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