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Lime Cordiale and Idris Elba Ask “What’s Not To Like” From Their Collaboration EP; Cordi Elba.

Lime Cordiale may have created the sleeper hit of 2021. Earlier this year the Sydney duo collaborated with British acting superstar/singer/DJ Idris Elba, recording the upcoming EP Cordi Elba, and have now released the 2nd track from the project; What’s Not To Like.

With Louis and Oliver Leimbach bringing 60s pop sensibilities and Elba adding smooth swagger, they ask “What’s not to like about me? I’m a lover, not a fighter sort of thing. Imagine life without me. Don’t stir me up ’cause I am not your cup of tea.”

The EP came about when the duo met up with Elba as the actor was in Sydney for a project and they worked to write the project from the ground up. The unlikely pairing actually dates back to March when the actor joined the band onstage to contribute a rap verse to their track Unnecessary Things and it went off from there. What’s Not To Like is the second track released from the EP, with the first being the wild Apple Crumble.

Cordi Elba will be released January 14th. You can pre-order/pre-save it here.