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Grand Hotel Returns After Long Hiatus With New Album “Heaven Tonight”

photo of Grand Hotel by Dominic Lavoie

It was February of 2011 when Maine band Grand Hotel last released a new album. Now, after a decade-long hibernation the band is back with a new album. Heaven Tonight brings the band (Glen Capen, Jason Elvin, Kyle Gervias, Aaron Lachance) back together along with new member Patia Maule (who is also a member of the Portland duo Forget Forget).

Vocalist/Guitarist Kyle Gervais shares the story of the return; “Aaron reached out, back in 2017, I think, and asked us to revisit the songs we had been working on before we broke-up for a project he was working on. While we were all into it, unfortunately, he was unable to perform as part of a stipulation of the project. It did get us all thinking thought, that we should probably follow through in getting reacquainted, developing and finalizing these tracks.

From there, the band recorded drums at the Halo with Jon Wyman, guitars at Shabbey Load with Dominic Lavoie, and vocals with producer Andy Mead. “It would not exist in anything close to its current form without Andy” says Geravis. “He also mixed it, and mastering was handled by Emily Lazar (Haim, The Killers, Coldplay) at The Lodge.

How has the band members all grown over the years? Gervais simply says “I can only speak for myself and say that 10 years later, I’m still insufferable and can’t believe that these four wonderful people decide to waste their time with me on a semi-regular basis.

The first single from the album is Places & Faces, which Gervais describes as being “about feeling regret about ways you used to/still might act, and also the frustration that can be felt when you start believing that you’re not able to reach the level of success that you dream of due to your location/appearance.

Grand hotel will celebrated the new album September 25th at an album release at Portland House of Music along with guests Dominic Lavoie and Yes We Kin.