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Baby Queen Shares Her ‘Raw Thoughts’

Even thought she released her Medicine EP in November, Baby Queen kicked off the new year with anew single, Raw Thoughts.

The artist, who’s real name is Bella Latham, admits that the “new” song actually predates her Baby Queen persona. “I wrote it near the beginning of 2018 (earlier than any Baby Queen song that has been, or most likely ever will be released) and it sort of came to me like a gift from heaven.

The song’s impetus came from the aftermath of partying, where she woke up with a newfound sense of freedom (and a hangover). “I was incredibly innocent and na├»ve, and this was the moment everything changed for me” she adds. “I had been going through a terrible breakup, and discovering partying was like discovering freedom. I was going to places my ex had never been, I was meeting people they would never meet and doing things that would make their skin crawl. I think I fell in love with the danger of it. I had realized that I could do or be whoever I wanted to be, even though the only thing I wanted was to be loved by them again.”

In addition to the studio version above, Baby Queen also posted an acoustic rendition of Raw Thoughts via YouTube.

Raw Thoughts is out now on Polydor.