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In Celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Portugal. The Man Recruits “Weird Al” Yankovic For “Who’s Gonna Stop Me”

Portugal. The Man have released their latest work, “Who’s Gonna Stop Me”, a powerful song and video that features the unlikely guest appearance of “Weird Al” Yankovic in a serious musical role.

The band says of the new song “we created a collaboration between indigenous artists, friends, artistic collaborators, ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, and Indigenous organizations to explore the possibilities of collaboration in this new time.

As for why they chose to include the usually comedic Yankovic, they add “to us ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic has always been a figure of playful boundary-breaking. His work makes us take less seriously, the things that we take so seriously, like what’s cool, or what’s trendy. ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic has been an inspiration for Portugal The Man since their inception until now.

In 2019 the band formed the PTM Foundation nonprofit which they say “strives to forge bridges between the materialist contemporary culture in which we are immersed and the indigenous stewards to whom we strive to give a larger voice.

For more on the PTM Foundation, visit https://www.ptmfoundation.org/