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Dominic Lavoie Takes You To Church (of the Crystal Light) with ‘Skeletons at the Feast’

In Maine musician Dominic Lavoie’s first single & video from his upcoming album “Wave with a Broken Arm” he takes us to church…the Church of the Crystal Light.

The video for “Skeletons at the Feast”, which was directed by Joshua James Hand, takes place at a mass of this mysterious church with Lavoie and a host of others backing up the robe-draped preacher.

“The video was shot last Feb right before the COVID mess started.” says Lavoie. “We built the set ourselves in a warehouse space that some friends and I work out of called Shabbey Load here in Portland. I enlisted a bunch of friends, some of which are staples of the Maine music scene, like Stu Mahan, Dan Boyden, Dan Capaldi and Luna Colt.

The new album, which will be released on October 23rd, was produced by Grammy award winner Steve Berlin recorded by Lavoie himself. You can preorder the album via dominiclavoie.com as well as through Bull Moose Music.