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Francis of Delirium Releases Powerful New Track, “Equality Song”

Every now and then a song comes out that stops the listener in their tracks with a powerful message that demands to be heard. Today, Francis of Delirium release such a song in the form of “Equality Song”. Jana Bahrich of FoD sings about the “broken system” that keeps gender equality at bay and all of the frustration that comes from the constant fight for equality:

“And these systems
Are hindering our change
‘Cause when you see it everyday
It all just gets ingrained”

To go with the new song, the band also debuted a new video with Buhrich performing against a stark backdrop of bold red with blinded and silenced figures.

Proceeds from the sale of the single, which is a Bandcamp exclusive, will benefit the Luxembourg nonprofit Femmes en détresse, specifically the section of the the organization that works to safely get victims of domestic violence out of their homes.

For more on Francis of Delirium, visit their website or facebook page.