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Generate Your Own 90s Music Festival Using Live Footage

We all miss summer music festivals, scouring the lineup to figure out which stage you need to be at and when, pushing through hordes of sweaty people, and paying $10 for a warm bottle of water, but a new generator lets you enjoy a 90s nostalgia festival from the comfort of your own living room.

festival lineup of randomly generated bands from the 1990s.

Monkeon has built a 90s music festival generator complete with poster, headliners, and live footage cultivated from live performances of the era. With it you can click the performer (instead of missing their set because you waited too long to use the porta-potty) and travel back to a simpler time when your favorite bands were in their prime and had yet to go gray.

Generate you own 1990s festival HERE and start enjoying sets from Lollapalooza, Lillith Fair, the HORDE Festival, the ill-fated 90s Woodstocks, and others.