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The Cranberries Plan Expanded Edition Release of 1994’s No Need To Argue

The Cranberries were first introduced to the world with their breakout album Everybody Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? in 1993 but their 1994 followup album No Need To Argue was just as memorable. Now the band is planning a new expanded edition that will be full of extra material including demos and live tracks, with a release date of September 18th, 2020.

The Cranberries - No Need To Argue album artwork. Band sitting on couch in white room.

The biggest hit from No Need To Argue was undoubtedly Zombie, which is instantly recognizable (surpassing 1 billion views on YouTube) but there are plenty of other musical gems on the album including the beautiful Ode To My Family as well as Empty and Ridiculous Thoughts and the almost-church-like title track

With the planned expanded edition, fans will have the remastered original album as well as B-sides including Yesterday’s Gone from the band’s performance on MTV Unplugged and their cover of the Carpenters’ (They Long To Be) Close To You, which original appeared on the 90s Carpenters tribute album If I Were A Carpenter. In addition, there will be 9 different demos and selections from 2 live sets from 1994 (Liverpool Royal Court) and 1995 (National Stadium, Milton Keynes).

Fans can preorder the expanded edition at https://thecranberries.lnk.to/NNTAExpanded

2CD / Digital Tracklist

2020 remaster
1 Ode To My Family
2 I Can’t Be With You
3 Twenty One
4 Zombie
5 Empty
6 Everything I Said
7 The Icicle Melts
8 Disappointment
9 Ridiculous Thoughts
10 Dreaming My Dreams
11 Yeats’ Grave
12 Daffodil Lament
13 No Need To Argue

B-sides + extras
14 Yesterday’s Gone (MTV Unplugged)
15 Away
16 I Don’t Need
17 So Cold In Ireland
18 (They Long To Be) Close To You
19 Zombie (A Camel’s Hump Remix by The Orb)

Magic shop demos
1 Song To My Family
2 So Cold In Ireland
3 Empty
4 Ridiculous Thoughts
5 Everything I Said
6 Yeats’ Grave

7 Serious
8 Away
9 I don’t need

Live @ Liverpool Royal Court 14.10.1994
10 Dreaming My Dreams
11 Daffodil Lament
12 The Icicle Melts
13 No Need To Argue
14 Empty

Live @ National Stadium, Milton Keynes, 30.07.1995
15 I Can’t Be With You
16 Ridiculous Thoughts
17 Zombie

2LP Tracklist
1 Ode to My Family
2 I Can’t Be with You
3 Twenty One
4 Zombie

1 Empty
2 Everything I Said
3 The Icicle Melts
4 Disappointment
5 Ridiculous Thoughts

1 Dreaming My Dreams
2 Yeats’ Grave
3 Daffodil Lament
4 No Need to Argue

D – Bonus tracks
1 Yesterday’s Gone (MTV unplugged)
2 Away
3 I Don’t Need
4 So Cold in Ireland
5 Close to You