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OK Go Release New Song Recorded in Quarantine “All Together Now” to Benefit Partners in Health

OK Go knows that they’re “that video band“, known for over-the-top music videos that astonish, amaze, and break new ground in the medium but their latest musical offering isn’t that. It doesn’t have huge feats of technological advancement. It wasn’t shot in zero gravity and it didn’t involve hundreds of extras…just the band in their homes.

“All Together Now” was inspired by an essay by historian Rebecca Solnit. OK Go front man Damian Kulash incorporated a line from the essay; society is, for a moment, liquid in the chrysalis.

Kulash has shared a letter to fans explaining the band’s connection to COVID-19 including both Kulash and his wife contracting the virus early on and his wife’s difficult recovery.

Fans can get the song by making a donation, which goes to Partners in Health and gets you an mp3 of the song as well as coloring pages from the band’s videos and more.

To read Kulash’s letter to fans and to donate, visit https://okgo.net/alltogethernow/

OK Go All Together Now artwork. Screen captures of the 4 members of the band recording in their homes