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The Other Bones Announce Final Album & Podcast, 5 Years After Breakup

The Other Bones - In The Night With Me album artwork. Woman looking through windo

Relationship can be difficult. One Maine musical relationship, that started 8 years ago, is finally seeking closure. After breaking up 5 years ago, the Other Bones is releasing a new full-length album as well as a short-run podcast to give fans (and themselves) the closure we’ve all be waiting for.

The Other Bones started back in 2011 with Andrew Mead, Eric Schnare, & Loretta Allen. Using a mixture of soulful vocals, electric guitar, and electronic instruments, the band released singles and EPs including 2012’s Hinges and 2017’s Circular EPs.

After breaking up the band went separate ways with each going into other musical projects including Mead’s OHX which included Allen on numerous tracks.

Now, fans of the band can not only get one last musical offering but also the true story behind the band’s creative process and eventual demise with a new podcast. The album In The Night With Me will be released December 17th, 2019 and the accompanying short-run podcast, The Breakup Album, has launched the first episode; titled Heated. In the first episode, the trio dives right in with what went in to the songs and the email from Mead that signaled the end of the group.

To hear the podcast, use the Spotify player below or choose your preferred podcast platform here.

The Other Bones performing at WHSN’s 2013 AS4MS MS Society Fundraiser Concert