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The Raconteurs Announce the New Album ‘Help Us Stranger’

The Raconteurs have been busy lately. From releasing a double-single featuring Now That You’re Gone and Sunday Driver to Jack White posting a video of mastering new music via a homemade pirate radio station and now the band that includes Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence, & Patrick Keeler has officially announced a new album. Help Us Stranger will be released June 21st via White’s Third Man Records.

Subscribers to Third Man’s Vault series can also get the new album with limited edition lenticular artwork and other premiums.

Help Us Stranger Album Artwork. Crosswalk Signal with green sideways hand.

Help Us Stranger tracklist

  1. Bored and Razed
  2. Help Me Stranger
  3. Only Child
  4. Don’t Bother Me
  5. Shine The Light On Me
  6. Somedays (I Don’t Feel Like Trying)
  7. Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)
  8. Sunday Driver
  9. Now That You’re Gone
  10. Live A Lie
  11. What’s Yours Is Mine
  12. Thoughts and Prayers

Help Us Stranger will be the first new album from the Raconteurs since Consoler of the Lonely which came out in 2008.