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K. Flay Debuts Video For ‘Bad Vibes’

K. Flay is an artist who never rests for too long. She’s either working on new music, collaborating with another artist, or launching a new music video. Her latest single, Bad Vibes, now has an accompanying video with basketball court choreography and Flay along with Kathryn Gallagher (who portrays Annika on the Netflix series ‘You’).

When asked about the new video Flay responds, “We wanted to capture what it means to be trapped inside your own negative psyche—and how it might feel to break free. Lorraine (our director) had the amazing idea to make basketball and choreographed basketball imagery a central part of the video, and for me that visual just made total sense,” she continues. “I DM’ed Kathryn [Gallagher] on Instagram to see if she might be free to shoot the video with us and she was! She is the absolute best.”