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WHSN Staff: Anastasia Lemitelamy

Anastasia Lemitelamy

Nicknames: Annie, Ana, Panda Bear

Favorite Bands:Ashes Remain,Daughtry and Skillet

Favorite Movies: Star Dust, Willow, Rush Hour Trilogy and all Disney Pixar movies!!

Likes: Singing, Dancing,Acting,Writing,Drawing,Reading,FOOD! Bike riding, Rock Climbing PUPPIES ..a lot of things..

Dislikes:feeling bored.. not a lot of things..

A bit about Me!: I am Studying Radio Broadcasting to give me some experience and knowledge working in a studio! I want to be a voice actress and song writer for Disney and Pixar films! I’m thinking of becoming an on-air personality and record my own character voices after I graduate. My plan isn’t solid ..I’m an indecisive person but things usually work out in my favor! wish me Luck!

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