Hannah Billings

Nicknames: Hannah Banana

Favorite Bands: A Day to Remember, Paramore, Flyleaf, Nirvana, He Is We, Parachute, Jason Mraz, Matchbox Twenty, Issues, All American Rejects, The Cab, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar and The Fray

Favorite movies: Easy A, The Breakfast Club, Say Anything, Robin Hood (the Disney version), What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Blow, We Were Soldiers

Favorite foods: French toast, Kraft Mac & Cheese, corn dogs, basically anything you can put barbecue sauce on, Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream

Likes: The color blue, playing sports (mostly softball and basketball), talking, talking and more talking, hanging out with my family, spending time with my puppy (Ringo), Law & Order SVU, Netflix.

Dislikes: People that lie, when someone changes plans on me last minute, not knowing what to expect, people that drive slow, cold weather, getting my socks wet

About me: Hey guys, I'm Hannah. I'm a military brat, meaning I have moved around a lot. I was born in Ohio and consider myself from Indiana even though I have lived here longer than I did there. I love to talk and meet new people and I have a huge soft spot for anything furry,  has four legs and a tail. I am a hopeless romantic and love getting sucked into a good, sappy, unrealistic love story. I'm a shower/car singer and I love to laugh.

Chelsey Tilley

Nicknames: Tilley, Tills, Chels Tills, CJTills

Favorite Bands: Beastie Boys, Ben Folds Five, G.Love & Special Sauce, Regina Spektor, Portugal. The Man,  Bob Dylan, Old Crow Medicine Show, Avette Brothers, Atmosphere, Sublime, Black Keys, Bob Marley, etc. 

Favorite Food/Drink: Pasta, Rice, Fish, Lobster, Pickles, Sushi, Fajitas, Stuffed mushrooms, Bacon wrapped scallops, Chocolate covered macaroons, Coffee, Tea, Yuengling, PBR, Rolling Rock, Boston Lager, White wine/wine tastings

Likes: Texas, Comedy, Sitcoms, Chill music, the beach, Camping, Vacations, Pedicures, My cat Mishkerz, Plants, Adventures, Travel, Antiques, Chocolate

About: I love spending time with my family. I grew up in Maine, and spent a year in Florida. I have worked in retail and cosmetology for the past 5 years, and decided to change career paths. I am a college sophomore at NESCom majoring in Radio Broadcasting. I love being on-air and hope to pursue a broadcasting career in Austin, Texas after college. 

Tommy Avalon

Nicknames: Tommy Ave

Favorite Bands: Alkaline Trio,Story So Far, State Champs, All Time Low, Mickey Avalon, Mest, Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, Dirty Heads, Growlers.

Favorite movies: Waiting, Dazed and Confused, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs.

Favorite foods: chicken wings, chicken fingers, shephard's pie, pulled pork.

Likes: orange, long walks on the beach, staying up all night, WWE, confidence, spooning.

About me: NESCom Senior from Southern Maine, looking to rule the world one listener at a time

Zach Hoogkamp

Nicknames: Rocker, Headbanger, The Ultimate Outcast

Favorite Bands: Black Veil Brides, KISS, Alice Cooper, Toby Keith, Blake Shelton, Trace Adkins, Lady Gaga, A Day to Remember...

Favorite movies: Army of Darkness, Evil Dead (Originals, 1 & 2), The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Dark Knight, Pirates of The Caribbean, The Princess Bride….

Favorite foods: Buffalo Chicken, Chicken Parmesan, Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked, Pizza (Cowabunga!)  

Likes: Pro Wrestling, Acting, Singing, Painting My Face, Writing, Whose Line is it Anyway?, YouTube, Netflix, Anime, TMNT.

Dislikes: Justin Bieber, Bad Video Game reviewers, Celebrities that don’t deserve to be famous, Ignorant people

About me: Konichiwa! I’m Zach! In case you couldn’t tell I’m a Rocker but I have two other sides of me, I’m a Country Boy, and I’m a Broadway Boy. I love to act and do impresions for people and I love making people laugh and making videos on YouTube such as my Facepaint Friday Videos. So if you see someone walking around in Kiss makeup or maybe even the paint of a wrestler from the 90’s, or if you think Johnny Depp or Seth MacFarlane is calling you up. It’s probably just me.

AJ Grimaldo

NickNames: Wizard of Auj, Kermit

Favorite artists: Coheed & Cambria, Capital Cities, Breathe Carolina, Alesana, Weezer, Weerd Science, Bastille, Ke$ha, Iron Maiden, Watsky, Katy Perry, ect.

Movies: The Amazing Spider Man, Harry Potter, The Mummy, Ricky Bobby, Toy Story, Anchorman, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Grown Ups

Likes: @Midnight, How I Met Your Mother, Music, Drawing, Social Media, TV, Starting a Jackson 5 Cover Band with Tubas

Dislikes: Twilight, The Big Bang Theory, Spider, Clowns.

About me: Hello I’m AJ Grimaldo WHSN’s resident nerd. Cohost of Bring Your A Game, I’m originally from Vermont and I love being on WHSN. When not on air you can find me wondering on the Internet looking for Cat videos.  Always remember whatever you do in this life its not legendary if your friends aren't there to see it.